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19.10.15 Old hardline art.

+I am writing an interview for something, and they asked my about the first painting I did for Battlefield Hardline. this bad boy was created in march 2012. throwback

27.09.15 Something me for.

+I have been painting away on a new Star Wars games as well as a variety of other projects, but i finally found sometime to get a personal piece done. Hopefully I'll find the time to do it more often

04.09.15 Something that never happened.

25.06.15 Dev work for McDonald's.

+I had a chance to work with the awesome people at Hornet Inc. again. always a blast. The first image was the original palette, once that was done we decided to push the colours to the extreme.

25.06.15 Virtual Reality Dev work for Oculus.

+I had a small stint with the Oculus Story studio and contributed to one of their short films.

07.05.15 Recent Dev work.

+ Some recent dev work I created.

22.03.15 Battlefield Hardline.

+Hardline dropped and so has my gallery, the link is in the sidebar.

27.02.15 Battlefield Hardline.

+For the past few years I have been working on Battlefield Hardline, it comes out in a few weeks and here is some of the concept art that has been released.

20.12.14 Traditional.

+I have been breaking out the old pencil and paint lately, lots more to come in the new year.

10.10.14 APE.

+Thanks to everyone that stopped by at APE in San Francisco. It was great to talk to you all. the online store will be up and running as soon as possible

18.09.14 I sat by the ocean.

+A painting for an upcoming show with the beehive society in San Francisco

12.08.14 Rice Krispy Stop Motion commercial.

+Here's some pitch work I did for a recent commercial.

08.08.14 Even more space pioneer stuffs.

+I have been learning the most basic of after effects, so when i finish a painting i try to give it some life.

05.08.14 More space pioneer stuffs.

+more of the same.

25.06.14 Vis Dev: McDonalds

+These were done for a pitch with Hornet.

24.06.14 Urban Reduction

+Part of an ongoing series.

29.05.14 Vis Dev: Cereal land!

+These were done for a pitch with Hornet.

27.05.14 Virtual Plein Air study

+ London Underground, UK.

+ Churchill, Canada.

13.05.14 East Bay commute

+ On my way to the pixel mines in the morning.

+ On my way home.

04.05.14 Watercolours

+ busted out the watercolours this weekend, and yes, that is how you spell it.

28.04.14 In search of

+ more dev work

28.03.14 In search of

+Some dev work for a joint project with fellow EA'er and Art Director Luke Harrington. More to come...

24.02.14 Golden Gate Bridge

+keeping up with my cityscape paintings.

19.02.14 London Project x2

+Another painting for that future London project.

05.01.14 Potrero and 17th

+A street corner study, i think it was 17th. sometimes it nice to just paint and not have to work about design.

03.12.13 Stormy

+A first look at a little book I am putting together...

14.11.13 Neighbours

+Continuing the Pioneer Space series.

30.10.13 London Project

+I did a few painting for a kids project that takes place in a future London.

14.10.13 The Journey Begins

+Continuing the Pioneer Space series. Thanks so much for everyone who stopped by the APE booth. It was great to meet all of you. More of this series to come.

20.08.13 To the sky

12.08.13 Sutro Tower

+ A study of Sutro Tower as the fog rolls in during the evening. Prints available here

07.08.13 Hollywood Hills

+ Just a murder.

31.05.13 After Earth

+ Here are some of the comps I did for the the After Earth movie poster.

22.05.13 Morning launch

+ A study of the view towards East Bay as the fog burns off in the morning, plus a rocket ship for good measure.

14.05.13 Oblivion

+ About a year ago I was approached to do some layouts for posters and promotional art for a few films that have or will be coming out in the next year, Rise of the Guardians was the first (see below, like way below) and Oblivion (right below) was next. For each project I was given some production art and asked to make compelling comps that would then later get developed. These two were my favourite, I think I have seen one of these in a different format floating around the internet...

15.04.13 a new piece on an old idea

trying to simplify my approach and having fun exploring an old idea i had.

26.03.13 a landscape

nothing else to say really...

05.02.13 Dead Space 3 in stores

+ With the launch of Dead Space 3 last night I can finally present the body of work that took over 2 years to make and resulted in almost 200 paintings and designs. click on the image below or the link in the side bar and please enjoy.

03.02.13 Society 6 prints

+ I joined with online print shop Society 6 to make my prints available for purchase. If there is something on my site here that you would like to see there just let me know

29.01.13 Rise Of The Guardians

+ Last year I linked with a studio in LA that designs movie posters and marketing material for films. This was a comp for Dreamworks Rise Of The Guardians... more to come as the movies get released.

13.01.13 Dead Space 3 concepts

A few more Dead Space designs have surfaced, im looking forward to seeing it hit stores on feb 05.

25.10.12 and...another girl.

One of my favorite thing about making games is making fake ads, so i decided to make some of my own.

10.10.12 Welcome Kotaku and more Dead Space 3:

Thanks so much for the article by Luke Plunkett on Kotaku, it was a great surprise to see my artwork up on their amazing site. There have been some requests for wallpapers, so I am in the process of putting together a few different free downloads.

the article can be seen here.

On to sexier bidness: More Peng. There is only one more to go in the retro series, then I will post up a download of wallpapers for this as well.


09.10.12 Twitter Sketchbook.

lately i have been using that old twitter machine as a sketchbook, snapping pics of whatever i am sketching and posting it up, so as to not have this site overtaken by unfinished art. if you're into that kinda thing, and the occasional cat/sandwich pic you can check out my twitter @theOKartist

01.10.12 more Dead Space 3: PENG.

Continuing with this series. In the marker rendering my art director said he "Would NOT take her home with that face"...with a little help from a posted note we got her sorted.

26.09.12 Dead Space 3: PENG.

On Sunday morning, know to marketing as 'high profile internet posting time' Dead Space released some of my promo artwork. This is the first of a series which I will post as they are released.

Here is the original marker rendering and the final, which was painted over in Photoshop.

Big shouts to my Art Director Alex Muscat

08.07.12 Another marker girl.

i recently moved to San Francisco and am taking a few days off before returning to work. this was one of the last drawings i did in Montreal. it was purchased by my good friend Dj Cosmo. thanks to everyone in Mtl who made it out for my show/going away party. pics are coming.

14.06.12 XBOX mag Dead Space 3.

a little more concept art of mine has hit the streets.

13.06.12 NFL.

These are some development paintings for an NFL campaign. I had a ton of fun with these, thinking of different settings for the Iron Grid.

04.06.12 Dead Space 3.

Marketing has released some of my concept art for Dead Space 3, hopefully i can show more soon.

The trailer for Dead Space 3 dropped today at E3. it has a decent slice of the look of the game, but there is so much more to it than this. I have spent the better part of the last year doing concept development for this and i could not be happier with how it is looking. the full game does not come out until Feb 2013, so this will have to do for now.

18.05.12 Rakim Allah.

I had a chance to meet a legend and a personal inspiration, Rakim, at a show in Montreal. The performance was unreal, he is still one of the tightest on the mic, and he was a truly nice and genuine person. below is the finish painting I gave to him, plus the sketch and a shot of Ra signing a version for me to hang in my studio.

20.03.12 spring time.

spring time

20.03.12 day time.

just a quick study. lots of E3 work to be done... busy busy

13.02.12 resurrection.

this was part of a pitch that I can't really get into yet, but this sketches got canned early in project. I've had it sitting on my desk for weeks and would constantly go back to it. For the actual final I went in a total different direction, so I decided to finish this one for myself. take that!

10.02.12 mo better markers

Got some new copics. love them markers.

05.02.12 The shot that never was

Over the christmas break i got a chance to do some work on the King's Court Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. Specifically, to do a concept for the opening vista matte painting, done by Nick Hiatt and Attack FX. But, when i saw the spot today the shot was gone. so much for that.

09.01.12 sci-fi cityscape.

A little sci-fi to start the year. I have been doing lots of sketching lately and will be posting everything very soon. Also some new campaigns I worked on should be dropping soon...

12.11.11 Mercedes Christmas.

Recently i did some VIs Dev work and a Matte painting for a Mercedes-Benz Christmas campaign, the commercial has been on TV apparently, but i haven't see it because i don't have cable... but there is a snippet of it on this here internet that you have heard so much about. BIg thanks to the guys at AttackFX, always a blast working with them.

12.07.11 killer queen.

this one was sitting around when I left for LA, but never made it onto the blog. got a few new things ready to go, so check back for more updates.

11.09.11 hey...

got a call to do some pin ups for a project, needed to dust off the rust and do a few warmups...

11.01.11 Autumn walks

Definitely one of the best things about the east coast is Autumn, i loves me some brisk weather, colourful foliage and most of all hockey.

10.28.11 Friday somethings

a little Friday something something, working on my depth and a more muted palette. thanks so much for all the great feedback on the new site, its was great to get feedback. more work to come, including a Storyboarding gallery.

10.24.11 Greening up the back alleys of Montreal

This Saturday, I painted a mural off Ruelle 5e & Holt in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough of Montreal as part of a project put together by MU, an award-winning Montreal-based non-profit that promotes public art by creating murals for local communities. MU teamed up with the borough, SODER, Caisses Desjardins, and éco-quartiers, recruiting eight artists to inject the neighbourhood's back alleys with a healthy dose of colour and imagination for their Ruelle Verte ("green alley") campaign, reinforcing the links between art and the environment.

These alleys are a popular place to play, and we asked the kids hanging around to make the mural their own by choosing a sticker of their first initial to incorporate into the mural of some typical Montreal characters on bikes. We got the kids involved, but you can't make everyone happy. You'll notice a wardrobe upgrade on one of the characters; a local parent didn't like the idea of a girl riding a bike in a swimsuit.

Check out some of the progress shots in the slideshow. bam!

-B for P

10.24.11 Gazette feature

A process photo from this weekend's mural with the MU Project in Montreal, this photo was taken from the Montreal Gazette. I have a bunch of photos and sketches of the mural to come, plus a little story about censorship....
the article with the gazette can be read in full here

10.21.11 Dshade: The Water Principle

Album cover art for DShade's new album, The Water Principal

10.18.11 Up and Running